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Adrian Calabuig and Laura Parraga have been dancing for 16 years. For 10 years they received lessons in one of the most professional and successful ballroom dance schools in Spain, where they were taught by world champion teachers. They began their career competing in national and international competitions all over Spain and Europe.

After winning many different competitions, they believed they had reached their maximum level, they landed their first exciting opportunity to tour Spain professionally. This was the perfect chance for them to show the Spanish audience their passion for ballroom dancing, and for them to feel their energy and presence on stage, leaving the audience in awe of their talents.

Their ambitions' were a lot greater than conquering Spain. They decided to showcase their talents on the world stage. A role on the world famous Star Cruise Liners was the first step towards their big dream. They began by featuring in magic and production shows that were staged all over Asia, Australasia and Europe. Their engaging stage presence,  and unique Spanish passion, led them to becoming the stars of the show.

Adrian and Laura lit up every stage they graced with their full repertoire of ballroom and Latin performances', together with the flamboyant costumes they carefully designed themselves for each number. This made them one of the most exclusive act the company had where they would entertain hundreds of thousands of people across the world. Their passion was evident in every performance, and led to rave reviews from every audience they have entertained.
This then led to an on land contract in Manila resorts world in the Philippines, where they were once again stars of the show. This gave them even more belief and confidence to aim higher, and they managed to land a private contract with Princess Cruises as a guest artist.

They are ready to show how beautiful ballroom dancing can be, as they look to bring their passion, energy and charisma all over the world.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Speciality Acts, Ballroom

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