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Artist Overview

Aerial gymnast, dancer and contortionist from Poland.
Winner of "Got Talent” VIII Poland.
She started as a dancer when she was 12 and during her dance career she won dozens of competitions -internationa and nationwide rank.
In the age of 16 she became a choreographer and start to learn
acrobatics. Three years later she was choreographing a part of dance-acrobatic show „Apeiron” in Wroclaw where she also has learnt aerial dance.
After that she began to work as an proffesional artist.

Untill now she performed in :
Austria, Chile, Collombia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japane, Korea, Lebanon, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey.
She was a soloist in various theatres, shows, events, TVshows, circuses, galas.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Speciality Acts

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