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Andrew Lee

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Captivating minds by defying the laws of nature, Andrew Lee is a Mentalist and Illusionist known to enchant his audience into a mystical realm by creating the illusion of psychokinesis, sixth sense, telepathy, and telekinesis, to name a few. Andrew manifests the impression of surrealism by performing various extraordinary forms of levitation, non-verbal communication, appearing and vanishing of live animals, distortion of objects, predictions, and reading of minds.

Garnering worldwide attention and success, Andrew was the first Malaysian Mentalist & Illusionist to have sold out shows for his Mentalism and Illusion performances at Fringe World, Australia for 2016 & 2017. Always up for challenges, Andrew was also the first Malaysian Magician to have predicted the results for the prestigious Melbourne Cup 2016 live on Australia’s popular primetime talk show, Today Tonight, on Channel 7. Needless to say, Andrew is voted the #1 Magician in Malaysia.

Going beyond conjuring up shocks and surprises, Andrew creates personal connections with his audiences. He charms all ages through genuine friendliness, humour and up-close interactions. Although his craft encompasses trickery, the emotions and feelings stirred up are undeniably real. And in those moments, as their faces light up, it is as though time stands still. That for Andrew, is pure magic.

- Fear begins and ends with the mind. –

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Comedy Magic, Illusionists

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