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Andrew O’Ryon

Artist Overview

Andrew is a young illusionist.
His charisma and personality are the first thing that will remain in your mind.
At the age of 12 he was passionate about the life of the illusionists, studying the first tricks of magic, which catapulted him into the world of illusionism.
At age of 18, this passion became officially a profession.
He started with the close-up, a show category, where the magician has a vis-a-vis relationship with the spectator, enchanting it with magic effects under his own eyes. Cards, coins, rings and more ...
After 7 years of experience in addition to the close-up he feels the vocation for larger and more visual shows, starting to do big illusions.
Great effects, impossible illusions, scenographies, choreographies, light effects, and pyrotechnic effects create a perfect mix for a great show performance for large stages and theaters.
Magic is the only art that makes dreams to adult and children.
Andrew can make a girl and objects fly, like a little table as well. Also dangerous props characterize his show and push him to always win new challenges with himself, such as a big death trap where he is immobilized by a straightjacket or handcuff and hanging upside down at 20 feet high.
The show doesn't miss a comic side involving the audience to stay  very close to watch very impossible effects.
Partner both on stage and in life is her girlfriend and assistant Lady V. Both are united by the same dream, able to excite the audience by transmitting the feelings of their life on stage through magic.
Our life is a true magic life, spending time studying amazing new effects to surprise every type of audience, and to create things that no one has ever seen.
During the show the magic effects are completed by dance choreographies to excite spectators and immerse them completely in a world where everything can happen.
For this reason the show is completed with great experience from every point of view as light effects, pyrotechnics are just the precise frame of a show that will be unmistakable.
What will you look like real and what will be an illusion?

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Illusionists

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