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Backtrack is an award-winning, five-person a cappella group based in New York City that explores the power of the human voice through unique vocal arrangements, tight harmonies and world-class beatboxing. The group pushes the limits of a cappella, creating impressive covers of past and present pop music, writing inspiring original compositions and daring to take on unexpected genres such as classical and electronic music.

Backtrack has taken the stage at venues across the nation; notable venues include Carnegie Hall, Apollo Theater and Beacon Theater. Audiences praise Backtrack on its unique, high-energy and interactive performances and applaud the strong musicality and skill of each of the members and the ensemble as a whole.

Check out Backtrack on YouTube where the group has nearly 10 million views and over 110,000 subscribers!

2017 Steve Harvey's Sing Off; Winner
2017 International Championship of A Cappella OPEN (Final); Best Beatbox
2017 International Championship of A Cappella OPEN (Northeast Semi-final); First Place; Best Arrangement
2017 Aca-Challenge; First Place; Audience Favorite
2016 YouTube Next Up competition; Winner

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