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Charles Peachock Comedian Juggler Innovator Performer

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Plays BIG and packs small - Imagine a glowing man coming to life with pulsing juggling props perfectly synced to music, playing a piano by bouncing 5 balls off the keys, and a pre-show video of America’s Got Talent footage that ramps up your audience. Sound like a lot of rehearsal?
The whole show is self-run by the artist. A quick video / sound check and Charles is ready to rock your event!

Creativity, rock-solid-skills, clean comedy and high production value make for an unbeatable hard-hitting combination from an entertainer. Recognized from Television, making a record 6 appearances on the #1 show America’s Got Talent, many audience members have already seen Charles Peachock on television. A lot have even voted for him!

Charles can break his show into any length from 1 min to 1 hour and everywhere in-between.
The only juggler ever to have appeared in People Magazine, he has crafted a one of a kind show that brings juggling out of the circus tent, and makes it accessible to all.

Charles Peachock is known in show business as “The Total Package”. Charisma, originality, high skill level, flawless execution, looks, and laughs.
You don’t want to miss it!

Assigned Categories: Comedy, Novelty, Comedy Jugglers

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