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Chris Blackmore Comedy Magician

Artist Overview

Chris Blackmore is a hilarious Comedy Magician who mixes magic and razor sharp improv to deliver a show that Amazes and Amuses all ages and nationalities. His effortless audience interaction and dry wit surprise audiences and always leave them laughing.

Chris is a polished professional and conducts himself accordingly. Over 30 years in the business with year after year repeat clients.

Chris is an entertainer who delivers a strong performance show after show, week after week. He is easy to work with and genuinely cares about the overall satisfaction of the guest. One of the top corporate and family entertainers in the country who delivers clean comedy and an amazing show that involves the audience and delivers positive feedback.

Benefits of Chris Blackmore:
Chris packs two 45 minute shows into regular luggage, avoiding excessive freight fees.

15 years as a featured entertainer at DisneyWorld and Disneyland.

A Guest First attitude. (Did you know he wrote a book? “Everything You Need To Know About Customer Service… I Learned At Disney”)

Professional. Punctual. Seasoned. A self contained show that doesn’t require the use of the band. Full tech rehearsals in about 20 minutes.

Clean Comedy that doesn’t offend or insult.

Chris adds a hilarious twist to “liars club” with his polished routine.

Chris volunteers for and enjoys judging activities such as “Karaoke Supertars” and passenger talent shows.

Chris interacts with the guests and acts as a spokesperson for your cruise line.

Assigned Categories: Comedy, Novelty, Comedy Magic

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