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Daniel Bouchet The Star of Tango Passion

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DANIEL BOUCHET brings all the passion of his Latin American background into play whenever he takes the stage.  He’s handsome, full of charisma, romantic and hot!  He’s matinee idol stuff!  Not only that, this guy can sing up a storm!  Better run for cover when lighting strikes ….and it does:  when he sings the old sentimental Latin classics done in his own up to date style ….or when he starts to dance the TANGO ….. or when he caresses his guitar and romance takes over.  There’s just no stopping him.  Of course he has a long list of credits that include
major clubs, hotel and concerts throughout the world.  He starred in the hit show TANGO PASSION which not only took him to Broadway, but throughout Europe, Asia and the United States as well.  Daniel now lives in Florida where he often performs as a guest star with the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra.  For an evening of hot passionate music and the rhythms of South American, come and experience this International entertainer from Buenos Aires - DANIEL BOUCHET. 

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Specialty, Vocal, Male Vocalists

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