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Daniel Ka

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Daniel Ka is one of the youngest Spanish magicians with his level of international exposure. He has won three Spanish National Prizes in 2007 and 2010, a Special Mention in France in 2006, and he was the Stage Magic Champion of Portugal in 2009. He was also the only semifinalist magician in Spain´s “Got Talent”.

He has worked with his magic shows in Spain, France, England, Holland, Portugal, Ireland, Germany and China. In the US, his shows have toured in California and Nevada, where he has also given lectures to professional magicians.

His study of magic in the US was with Jeff McBride, a Las Vegas headliner magician, and in Holland with Ger Copper, world champion magician.

Furthermore, Ka is a musician (trombonist), and actor, having studied drama, stage lighting, scenography, ballroom dance, dubbing, and stage direction. Additionally university level Telecomunications Engineering has featured in his studies.

In his shows, Ka presents magical effects with a high visual impact, dynamically performed with elegance and grace.

In the last three years he has done more than 200 shows per year, performing in theatres, resorts, quality hotels and cruise ships around Europe. From November 2015 his illusions show will tour through Asia with a major international cruise line.

“DANIEL KA is a rising star in magic…”      Jeff McBride - Las Vegas headliner

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Comedy Magic, Illusionists

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