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The NEW YORK POST recently said “A dynamic performer, powerful voice and crowd-pleasing style… He won’t be Down Under much longer!”

With an extraordinary four-octave vocal range extending from bass baritone to a female’s soprano and amazing showmanship, it’s no wonder Darren Williams has been named AUSTRALIAN VARIETY ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR and BEST MALE VOCAL PERFORMER by his peers at the MO AWARDS, as well as BEST MALE VOCALIST twice at the ACE AWARDS in Sydney.

Darren’s concerts are always fun, sophisticated, and highly entertaining. His POPERATIC show features everything from Pop to Opera - Broadway to Vegas – Disco to Divas! Innovative and spontaneous, Darren creates his own One-Man Do-Wop group live on stage and even composes original songs incorporating members of the audience.

Receiving high critical acclaim in New York City, Darren’s most recent show NOT THE BOY NEXT DOOR celebrates the life and music of fellow Aussie entertainer PETER ALLEN – the man who inspired the Broadway Musical, THE BOY FROM OZ.

Darren was the leading man in the Australian production of the musical A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING and performed in Gordon Frost’s International Cast of SOUTH PACIFIC. He has also appeared on many of Australia’s television variety shows.

Now living between Sydney and New York, Darren’s shows are receiving rave reviews - from intimate Cabaret Rooms in Manhattan, to Performing Arts Centers and Corporate Events around the world.


“A dynamic performer, powerful voice and crowd pleasing style… He won’t be down under much longer!”

“Williams is rare, unique – an extraordinary talent…”

„In one of the hottest, most talked about sold-out runs of the year… Darren Williams is in a league of his own… The real thing”

“New York City has been invaded by Aussie Entertainer, Darren Williams. And aren’t we the fortunate ones!”

“Have I got a show for you… Non-stop excitement from the very first song!”

“With polish, poise, and charm to spare, the audience was enthralled from the get-go!”
“Williams has the makings of a fully-fledged star… Better catch him now or you might have a very long wait!” - New York

Looking a little like Andy Gibb, I was not sure what to expect. My good friend Barbara Carole Sickman, told me I has to see this Australian phenomena Darren Williams. She was convinced that Darren was the next best thing. She was right. From the moment he started singing “Not the Boy Next Door,” he held the audience in the palm of his hand. This is a male who oozes sexuality and is not afraid to bask in it. As he vocally masters the Peter Allen songbook, I whispered into my neighbors ear and said don’t you wish we were agents? We heard earlier that he was not represented. Hint, hint! Mark my words, Darren Williams, is a star in the making. Vocally, he is technically effortless. The show is in layers of depth, laid out like a flawless audition. Emotions poured through the lyric and never once did I think he was acting. When you watch singers, who are technically perfect, you see the work, with Darren, you see the song and the lyric’s and the melodies wrap themselves into your soul. Not bad, when the show is centered around Peter Allen’s music. “Don’t Wish Too Hard,” “Bi-Coastal” and “6:30 Sunday Morning” become palates in which a singer will now long to get their craft into. “I Go To Rio,” “Everything Old is New Again,” “Don’t Cry Out Loud” and “I Honestly Love You,” are no longer karaoke nightmares, but heartfelt vibrations of timeless masterpieces. The theme song from Arthur, is done with a looping machine and brought back memories of “I’m A Calling” from Floyd Collins. What a terrific machine and what a great musician to do what he does. Like Sean Hayes, Mr. Williams also plays the piano and on “Quiet Please, There’s A Lady in The House” no one needed to be shushed. Darren Williams is packed with energy, talent, skill and an abounding understanding of songs. I was shocked to learn that he directed, arranged and laid out the patter and set list. His musical director Dennis Buck on piano, Ray Kilday on Bass and Ray Grappone on drums added to the nights enjoyment.

There is so much to say about this down to earth Australian, but I will leave that for you to discover. He plays this Wednesday night at 7:30 at the Metropolitan Room; 34 W 22nd St between 5th and 6th. Cost is $20 plus a 2 drink minimum. It’s a great way to stay cool though I am sure Mr. Williams will leave you hot, bothered and wanting more.

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