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David Klinkeberg

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This emerging musical master started making ripples early. At the age of four, a violin was placed in his small hands. He could barely hold the instrument. But after a couple of lessons, at the insistence of his parents, his small fingers found their place and his rosined bow found its groove.

And just a few weeks later, little David was standing on a Chicago stage, sending a packed festival audience into orbit.
The boy’s violin lessons quickly turned from mere practice into serious ‘rehearsals’. Experimenting with how much friction it takes to vibrate a string to life, Klinkenberg’s bow explored the universe of sound. Those practiced, ever-stronger vibrations began to move the surrounding air, forming fresh frequencies – moving melodies. And those new sounds opened up for him all of Creation.

“A Klinkenberg concert is an event that spans the musical spectrum. From the classical to the kooky, David’s fiddle (as he likes to call it) generates a melodic mixed of inspiration, with a healthy dose of levity.
When David and his fiddle step out onto a stage, every row of the concert hall should be fitted seatbelts, for this performer takes you on a ride. And that same transforming atmosphere is present in his recording, as well.
“Surprisingly, parents AND their children have responded to my CDs more than I ever thought they would… At concerts parents often come up to me with bloodshot eyes asking for another album; (due to) the constant almost obsessive listening habits of their four or five year olds… I’m starting to think my CDs should come with a free happy meal toy.”

From his featured performances with platinum recording artist Mark Schultz, to his up-coming Christmas tour, opening for internationally renowned pianist Jim Brickman, David Klinkenberg’s diversity is undeniable. He is virtuoso violinist with a rare gift; he can stir the air and change the atmosphere.

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