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Liliia Krylova
Was born in small town Pavlograd in 1999.
Always been an active child. Her parents always seen her on stage, but in town where she born they didn't found circus school.
Her family decide to move to other, bigger town.
Since that time Liliia start to attend studio and been there for 7 years.
When Liliia realize that she want to be a professional artist and get a degree, she moved to Kiev, Ukraine where Liliia attend Academy of Arts with great professional coaches who gave her acrobatic, artistic and theater skills.
She got a professional degree 2017. That was her dream.
During education she found a partner with who she start to practice Hand to Hand Duo and Aerial acrobatics.
Since that time Lilia and her partner start to travel around the world with acrobatic, aerial performances. She love her job and she is so happy to have a chance to share love and passion of circus art with other people.

Dmitriy Romanenko
Was born in 1985.
In Brovary City, Ukraine.
Sport is his passion. He started from swimming sport since 10 y.o. Got a reward of Master of Sport in Ukraine . Worked as a coach for couple of years then decide to go to study at University of Physio rehabilitation.
During education process, randomly, he went to acrobatic studio where he found a partner, with who he realize that acrobatics is beautiful circus art.Dmitriy graduated from University in 2006 as a professional coach.
Since that time Dmitriy fell in love with acrobatic gymnastics sport and achieve great results.
He worked for many well known companies as an aerial acrobat and Hand to Hand artist.
Acrobatics is his life...
He likes to travel all around the world, being on stage and make people happy.
This is the best reward for him.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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