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Dmitrii and Alona are a professional ballroom couple. They live in Ukraine, and through out their dance sport career have been representing their country in both National and International World Sport Championships.
Dmitro and Alona  met in 2009 and immidiatly shared our passion and attaraction to the beautifull world of dance which naturaly led them into creating a team together. Now they consider it being a destiny, as since the very first moment they danced our first Waltz, they couldn't imagine our lives apart.
Over the years they have master our tequiniques and choreography and it reflected on the hight results they showed on numerouse Ballroom Competitions both in Ukraine and abroad. They represented their country in Dutch Open Dancing Festival (Holland, Assen), International Dance Festival in Mankheim (Germany), International Championship in St. Petersburg (Russia), IDU Championship in Beersheba (Israel) and many others; also became finalist and semi-finalist of many European and All-Ukrainian championships.
Dmitro and Alona have also graced the stages of many world largest cruise liners including Silver Sea and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

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