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Malobrodskaia Kseniia

Was born in Moscow 12 FEB. 1992.
Her father Malobrodskii ALeksey was a director of the Drama Theater in Moscow ( School of Dramatic Arts, and later GOGOL Center).
Her mother Malobrodskaya Evdokia is a producer in one of the moscow theaters praktika ( ).
She studied ballet from 2001 till 2009 in Moscow ballet school G. Ledyah ( )
She also was doing modeling in one of the Moscow model agency.
From 2009–2010 she was a principal ballet dancer in ballet company “the Crown of Russian ballet”.
From 2010–2013 she worked at the Music theater N. Sats in Moscow ( )
In 2013 she tried herself in modern dancing in the theater “New ballet” (Moscow) where she meet Dmitry and start doing pair acrobatics and training aerial performance.

Mosolov Dmitry
Was born in Rostov 9 Aug. 1985.
His father and his mother were a professional dancers. His parents teached him to dance since he was 6. After finishing the school of arts in Togliatty he went to study dancing in Moscow in 2002.
In 2004 he starts dancing in the  Music theater N. Sats in Moscow.
After that he got a one year contract with Israel Ballet company ( )
He decides that he wants to travel and see the world. He got an offer from Celebrity Cruise line.
After coming back to Moscow he starts to train aerial and pair acrobatics. (2007–2008)
In 2008/2009 he got an offer from Royal Carribbean Cruise line since then he worked as an aerial/adage performer on Cruise Lines.
He came back to moscow after working on a MSC Cruises as a Guest Entertainer.
When Dmitry meet Ksenia, they both decided to put an act together and use amazing Ksenia’s ballet skills an Dmitry acrobatic  in their new performance.

In 2014 they both were invited in to a brand new theater, “LeningradCenter” ( ) where they perform their very first act together, in the show “ILLUSIO”. In 2015 they start a new season with the LeningradCenter theater and perform in “Illusio” and a new show “Favorites of the MOON”, as well as in many kids shows during winter season. In February 2016 they perform in the Britain’s Got Talent show.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Speciality Acts, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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