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Duo Destiny

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Become part of a unique love story between total strangers who decide to fight for love and risk it all. See if love can win in a world of work and success, and crazy reality filled with danger and acrobatics.

Goncalo & Kinga started working together in March 2015 in a very famous Pirates Adventure Show in Mallorca (Spain) as a Mixed Pair. In December, they were invited to join "The Cirque Adrenaline Tour" where they decided to create their own number and Duo Act, Duo Destiny. Later, they got an opportunity to continue “The Adrenaline Tour” in Australia with their own Solo Act in the Show. In 2016, they finished their Australian tour and were invited to be part of a new creation in a new branded show "La Nova", based in Bejing, China. After the production show ended in China, the Duo prepared for a weeklong event "Cirque Adrenaline" in Abu Dhabi. Later in Miami, they began rehearsals at the biggest rehearsing facility in the World to get ready for a completely new contract onboard leading cruise ships in Europe and the Caribbean sea. With many urgent requests for their work, they decided to embark on a new adventure starting with West America, Canada and Alaska cruise tours and now as featured Guest Entertainers they get to perform their own show at sea. Currently, the Duo is preparing for their biggest challenge and dream coming in 2018, Mondial Festival Cirque de Demain in Paris 2018.


Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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