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From the young age Anastasia and Sergey have felt that Circus Art is their life. They both graduated with honor from one of the most prestigious Circus School in Moscow in 2010. Anastasya - as a Aerial Acrobat and Sergey - as an Acrobat and Teeterboar Artist. They have
continued developing their skills and by the end of 2010 Anastasya was invited to be a lead aerialist in Air Show of Nadezda Vodianik, were she dazzle the audiences in her Amazonka solo Silks Act. Seregy at the same time was invited to go to  Las Vegas, USA, were he worked for one year at Gregory Popovich Comedy Theater. Upon returning to Moscow, Sergey has met Anastasya  and immidiately fell in love with the beauty and grace of the young Amazonka.
They have combined their passion, talents and skills together and created a Duo Libra – a collaboration of amazing aerial skills, beauty and strength. Since then Anastasya and Sergey been working together in Moscow Circus “Acvamarin”. Every performance they try to inspire their audiences and bring them a breath of hope, happiness and positive energy with a smile.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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