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Duo Majestic Bohdan & Marina

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BOHDAN and MARYNA were  born in Ukraine, Vinnytsia. From young childhood ages  they went to school together and after school when all the other kids came around, they spent most of their  time practicing  in the  Circus Studio. They endure severe and exhausting training and every time wanted to excel more in their cirques skills. 

Their first debut DUO MAJESTIC done in Cirques of Turkey, India and China.

Every month they want to  new city, every day they had  a full house. Between the tours they had worked in the Chinese theaters, where they gained special popularity and love of spectators. BOHDAN and MARYNA are also known for the help they provided to the children from the orphanage to train  in the circus art. However,  after working abroad for many years  they  never forgot their homeland where they eventually opened the biggest and the most modern school of Aerial gymnastics.


BOHDAN and MARYNA are big fans of their work, they train 3-4 hours everyday and they even wrote a book about aerial gymnastics, which is currently under publication.

Every day they invent new tricks. We were the first DUO  who combined the rise on trapeze with straps. Their skills include proficiency in Duo Trapeze, Duo and Solo Straps, Aerial Ring, Duo and Solo Silks, Duo Loops, Cords de peril and Aerial Net, as well as

Adagio and Antipode (umbrella) Ac..

This year DUO MAJESTIC prepare to beat the Guinness World Record - holding weight in the teeth of 4.50 minutes (twist head-to-head; holding the partner in the  teeth).

Their motto says it for itself: "Don't expect miracles - it all depends on you!"

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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