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Duo Wind

Artist Overview

The circus act “Duo Wind” Was created in 2009 on the basis of the Kiev  Circus College
Under the management  of the choreography Irina Vibla!
The modern choreography an music has allowed circus act “Duo Wind”  to win a special prize(contract from Circus Roncally )at the SOLyCIRCO  international circus festival  in Germany 2009!

Italy “Park Gardaland” Cristmas 2008-2009 and 2009-2010
GOP Variete  Essen –Munich  2010
Switzerland, Circus  “Salto Natale” Cristmas 2010-2011
GOP Variete Muenster 2011
GOP Variete Bad Oeynhausen 2011
GOP Variete Hannover  2011
Apollo Variete Dusilldorf 2011

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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