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FUSE is the sole string act to be officially sponsored by Swarovski who to celebrate their album release exclusively created for them the most expensive electric violins ever made - a one-off pair of Swarovski Signature crystal violins worth over £1,000,000 each. Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee launched these incredible works of art in-store at Harrods. FUSE, are virtuoso electric violinists Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee. Ambassadors for The Prince’s Trust, recently performed for Prince William and Her Majesty The Queen, Four million views on YouTube and counting, performed to TV audiences in excess of two hundred million in 2010, the only string group in the world to perform on £1M Swarovski Crystal violins…FUSE is at the top of their game! FUSE’s eponymous debut album is released in May 2010 through Edel Records.  The duo are virtuoso musicians Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee who harness their bespoke gold-coated Kevlar Carbon-Fibre signature Bridge electric violins and seize classic Rock tracks and put them through the FUSE wringer!  The results are radical, innovative but loving reinterpretations for violin.  “FUSE” features 14 incredible tracks including ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay, Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’, the title track by Andreas Johnson and a stunning blend of the mediaeval ‘O Fortuna’ from Carmina Burana and Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’.  All tracks have been reworked and reanimated in the unique FUSE way.  The duo have had to invent new ways to render melodies that were vocal on the original tracks.  FUSE aim to prove that the electric violin can be as versatile as the electric guitar – a valedictory romp through “I Love Rock N Roll” seems to seal the deal!  As Linzi says, “It’s completely fresh, no one thought that what we do was even possible.  Everything you hear is violins!  The style that we use when we play is more akin to that of a guitar player, with more soul and electricity – literally!  We chose work from artists that are huge stadium acts, and that’s where we want to be.  It is that big and that powerful - get some ear plugs!  We specialise in blowing away people’s preconceptions.”  FUSE are already finding friends in the rock fraternity who appreciate what they do.  After raving, “I love what you’ve done, how did you get that sound?”, Francis Rossi appears on the album version of Quo’s ‘Down Down’, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd offered his services as a drummer and Roger Daltrey asked Linzi and Ben to support him! Linzi and Ben’s background is music all the way – though Linzi is also signed to Models 1 and she and Ben have both just become Prince’s Trust Ambassadors.  With both having had real success individually in their careers thus far and worked with an amazing array of world-beating musical talent, their coming together as FUSE portends something really special.  The sound that FUSE generate takes serious know-how and technical skill and live it is nothing short of incendiary – the violins are generally accompanied by the sound of jaws dropping!  “Crazy Nights” indeed. What FUSE do can have a truly global appeal; there are no language barriers.  Whilst they are very proudly a string band, listeners can sing along to the choruses that we all know.  With the release of “FUSE” in May, FUSE will be bringing their unique brand of entertainment to a whole new audience, let’s hope they are ready! © 2011 Deep Springs Entertainment Ltd, All rights are reserved

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