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Gloria and Romain are an acrobatic couple based in France, they met in Bordeaux, in the south of France.  Sharing the stage together, and devoted to create the emotion, they have worked for events, circus festivals and Cruise Ships over the last years. Since 2015, they express their sensibility for choreography and acrobatic through a show dedicated to Cruise Ships.

Romain Hervieu was born in Évreux, France, the 4th july 1989, he starts very young learning martial arts. During adolescence he discovers fire juggling  and acrobatics, and later he studies in the professional circus school of Bordeaux.
He focuses on floor acrobatics and aerial straps.
In 2013 he begins the acrobatic duo with Gloria Villavicencio.  Starting with Crystal Cruises in 2013 performing  aerial straps duo for the show « Serenity Pop’s » and working on board Costa Cruises as Artist Visual Act performing  « Seasons of Love ».
« L’envol du Cygne » (the flying Swan) creation 2014
« Seasons of Love » from Adagio Productions 2015
« Souvenir » creation 2017

Gloria was born in Buenos Aires, the 27th April 1984.  She starts dancing at the age of 7, graduated in the “National School of Dance” as Ballet Dancer and afterward she completed the professional career of Contemporary Dance at “Teatro San Martin” in Buenos Aires.
Later she got involved with Aerial Circus activities such as Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Straps, Chinese Pole, and  Aerial Dance with harness.  She became part of « Leve » the Circus Company  based in Buenos Aires during 4 years 2006-2010.
In 2011 she travels to Bordeaux- France, she develops a research project about movement in contemporary circus, and at the same time she’s working with the students of the professional circus artists formation in “École de Cirque de Bordeaux”.
In 2013 she starts training the Pole dance at Electrick Pole Dance Studio, and in 2015 starts  spinning with the Cyr Wheel.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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