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Gravity: Nova & Rocco

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Nova - n. an astronomical term referring to an exploding star.

Nova is lovely, bendy, and full of spunky playfulness. Nova is a talented singer, learned intellectual, caring humanitarian and a surprisingly strong little firecracker. She specializes in partner and group acrobatics, but also enjoys lyra, aerial sling and dance. 

Nova is a veteran cruise ship acrobat but also has advanced skills in theater, dance, physical therapy, and speaks three languages.  She was born in the Netherlands, lived 12 years in Brazil and has been in more countries than most people have been in cities.

Nova n. a star on stage and in the hearts of her fans.


Rocco was not born into his craft, unlike most performers at this level of the industry.  He did almost a decade in the U.S. military, operations OIF and OEF in Iraq, studied and worked in Information Technology and personal training, and then went a completely different direction, training circus skills and going full-time professional in his first year.

In 2007 Rocco developed his first full show which he sold to Six Flags New England. In 2008, he received coaching from former Cirque du Soleil stars and then he started touring the world; U.S, Canada, Middle East, Western Europe, India, Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, Central and South America on shows from small circuses like Cirq'ulation Locale as well as big shows like Cirque Productions.  Currently he works mainly high-end corporate venues (Coca Cola, LiveNation, Delta Airlines, to name a few) and cruise ships.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Speciality Acts, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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