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There is no performer quite like Janice Martin. She achieves virtuosity as a violinist, pianist, soprano and perhaps most impressively, boasts the title as the world's only Acrobatic Aerial Violinist. Janice’s multi-dimensional artistry has disarmed classical, popular and jazz audiences alike while creating ardent fans spanning a broad demographic both in the US and overseas. Following her Carnegie Hall debut, she released her first CD to NY Times critical acclaim as "a brilliant artist." She has performed as soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Milwaukee Symphony, Seattle Symphony, Houston Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Edmonton Symphony, Portland Symphony, European Union Chamber Orchestra and the New York Symphonic Ensemble, to name a few, and has performed solos in some of the most celebrated concert halls in the world such as New York's Avery Fisher Hall, Tokyo's Suntory Hall and Prague's Rudolfinum.

In 2009 Janice wowed millions of viewers on the popular NBC Series America’s Got Talent with her aerial violin and vocal performance, and her playing has been featured on television projects for the Discovery and History Channels as well on the big screen in the Miramax film Paperclips. She performs as guest soloist with orchestras in her Symphony Pops shows (Dear Mr. Gershwin, An Evening with Janice Martin, World on a String, Flyin’ Fingers, Paganinimania, An Unlikely Affair), with Cirque de la Symphonie as an “orchestrated aerial dance spectacular," and is presently in her sixth season as a headlining act in Branson, MO during which he was named Branson Female Entertainer of the Year and is currently nominated for 2016 Fiddler of the Year.

Ms. Martin's musical credentials include the honorary use of the 1708 Burstein/Bagshawe Stradivarius Violin from the Stradivari Society, top prizes at both the Washington International Competition, the Young Artist International Competition, and the Career Award Grant by National Endowment for the Arts.

Renowned composers such as the LA Philharmonic composer-in-residence Steven Stuckey, Miramax film composer Charlie Barnett, Broadway musical composer Bob Goldstone and Jazz artists Larry Willis, David Bixler and Ricki Holmes have composed for and collaborated with Ms. Martin.

A native of Racine, Wisconsin, Janice is a graduate of The Juilliard School and Indiana University Schools of Music. She is also a United States Army Veteran, for which she contributed a three-year enlistment as the premiere violin soloist for presidential performances in the White House, the Capitol, the State Department.

Assigned Categories: Instrumental, Violin Headliners

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