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Julia and Mitchell

Julia and Mitchell are an international musical duo created by Polish violinist Julia Maliszkiewicz and American bassist Mitchell Atkinson III. Their show called “Synthesis” is a dynamic, multi-instrumental, cross-genre experience in which musical worlds come together and are explored in an interactive, crowd pleasing way. The show integrates ancient and cutting-edge forms and techniques, solo and duo performances, the power of electronic music, live looping and the authentic voice of a killer live band. At the core of the "Synthesis"  concept is the union of two different musical backgrounds. Julia is a classically trained violinist with an interest in forward-looking musical exploration. Mitchell is a pop-funk-jazz bassist with an eye toward expanding the role of his instrument. Together they create something new, a new blend, a synthesis.

Their personal backstories are, in their respective ways, strong contributors to the success of the show. Julia, while a classically trained violinist educated in the (let’s call it) strict Eastern European tradition, was a co-founder of the improvisational pop-rock group Improvia, and studied comedic theater under Ole Brekke in his Copenhagen school. Her virtuosity on her primary instrument is only a single element of what she brings as a performer. Hers is a multidimensional talent that includes storytelling and theater as integral elements. Mitchell developed his formidable skills in the Jazz and pop tradition, studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass. While he began his career with a perhaps-too-myopic focus on Jazz and improvisation, he later learned to exploit as many different musical traditions as he could (meeting Julia had something to do with this!). Individually and as a duo, they have held performances in multiple venues the world over.

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