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Katerina Rossa

Artist Overview

Katerina Rossa is a talented violinist, who captures the audience with her virtuoso technique, musicality, and charm. 

Katerina graduated from the Prokofiev Academy of Music, Ukraine, where she took lessons from followers of the legendary Russian violin school. She started her music training at the age of five. Since her early years she fell in love with music. Its magic captured her heart and showed her the way to inspire other people and bring joy and happiness into their lives.

Her music career includes a big number of music competitions and concert tours. As a prizewinner of the Ukrainian Music Contest she was granted the opportunity to perform with the S. Prokofiev Symphony Orchestra. As a soloist and concertmaster of the Chamber Orchestra “The Donbass Soloists” she became a National Contest Laureate, and has performed in the National Philharmonic Hall. Katerina participated in numerous tours as a soloist of Academic Ensemble “Donbass”- Winner of International Competitions and Festivals. Her performances were highly accepted in Europe, USA and China.


Katerina’s show includes a variety of styles and genres of violin music: classic and jazz in combination with Ukrainian, Moldavian, Armenian, Irish traditional music, and American Country, all successfully bound together into a fascinating performance. Her mesmerizing stage presence, beauty and bright personality captivate the audience and leave in their hearts an unforgettable impression.

Assigned Categories: Instrumental, Violin Headliners

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