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Kazachia Volnica

Artist Overview

Youth Folk Dance Ensemble directed by Svetlana Krasnova have been pleasing  the audiences for many years. It was founded in 1991 on the basis of the young creative people in love with the folk dance.
It’s repertoire is based on traditions, customs, way of life and labor of the people that live in the South of Ukraine and each dance you see tonight shows the life of a Nation whose members live in the Ukrainian lands for centuries .
Choreographic Miniatures " Chumatskyi Kulіsh ", " Ukrainsky Kozachok " tell the audience about the Ukrainian National Traditions. Dances like " Timonya " open up the Southern Russian folk dance traditions,  and " Golymba ", " Cossacks Parutintsy " introduces the character and mood of the folk dances of the famous Don’s Kozakhs. The program also include German, Armenian, Gypsy, Koryak Folk dances in reference to many immigrants from Europe and Asia who moved to South Ukraine through  the years. Creativity of the young actors gives the audience joy, positive energy and enthusiasm. The ensemble performed in different regions of Ukraine and abroad including  Russia , Ireland, India  and Greece.

Cast: 20-25 people

Show running time: 45min
Running Order:

1. Ukrainsky Kazachok (2:52min) – Exiting Dance of the Young People of South Ukraine
2. Timonia (2:54min) – The Harmonica Dance
3. Chumaki (4:22min) – The story from the everyday live of  Ukranian Kazakh
4. Golymba (3:40min) – Ukranian Kazakh on their way home from Turkish Sultan military service 
5. The Nine (3:50min) – The Famous South Ukraine Cadrille
6. Beer Fest (4:22min) – The Beer Fest Dance
7. Armenian Dance (5:32min) – The Dance of Armenian Boys and Girls
8. Moldavian Dance (3:19min) – Moldavian Folk Dance
9. Gypsy Dance (8:40min) – The Romantic and Intriguing Dance of Gypsy’s
10. Kazachii Plias (5:48min) – Exiting Dance about the live of Don’s Kazakhs

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Specialty

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