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Luca Volpe “The Italian Mentalist”

Artist Overview

Winner of the prestigious Merlin Award as "Mentalist of the Year Europe". Recipient of the Nostradamus Award as "Best Mentalist Europe" and winner of the Annemann Award for his contribution to the art of mentalism in the world.

Luca Volpe is an ‘illusionist of the mind’. He is a mixture of magician and mind reader, combining these two skills to deliver an entertaining, unique and special show.

The show is highly interactive- the audience actually become part of it! It is light-hearted and entertaining with a lot of visual components such as the bending of spoons in the spectator’s hands, all displayed beautifully on a large screen.

He also presents interactive body language and mind demonstrations in which the audience are involved to create truly amazing moments of entertainment.
During the show Luca reveals pin numbers, names and secrets from audience members- always ensuring incredible reactions. To conclude there will be an incredible prediction in which Luca is able to foresee a comical story that has been randomly created by the audience, leaving them astonished.

‘In My Mind’ is easy to follow with many visual elements and is appealing to all types of audiences.

Luca Volpe is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle of London, with the degree of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, awarded with "Silver Star".

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Specialty

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