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Mark Merchant

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Taking the advice of George Burns who spoke quietly and said, "son, always keep the dummy warm. And you know which dummy I'm talking about," Mark Merchant has been performing the art of ventriloquism since he was 10 years old. Zelda Rose, Wing Tip Shu and Alonzo Jackson-his alter ego clan-have taken him around the world, paid his way through college and introduced him to his wife.
While in high school, Mark would often call himself out of class by creating the illusion of sound from the classroom speaker. Although this did not make for academic excellence, it did allow him to practice the skills for which he is paid now!
Like all good comedians, he later majored in broadcast journalism. Writing for the school newspaper and working at the college radio station further hastened his descent into pure fantasy, as the instructors frowned upon Mark's practice of making up the news. He graduated from University of Georgia a full five years into a difficult four year program.
Today, Mark entertains audiences across the nation and around the world as a voice manipulator with multiple personalities.
Join the laughter as Mark takes his audience on a crazy journey through his delirious world!

Assigned Categories: Comedy, Comedians, Ventriloquists, Instrumental, Concert Pianists

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