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Mathew With a background in martial arts, circus, musical theatre and professional wrestling, Mathew has an eclectic range of physical experience.  Starting Karate at the age of 5, Mathew continued to train in various styles of martial arts up until the time he was 18, earning a black belt in Taekwondo.  During this time he was also frequently performing in amateur musical theatre. Looking for ways to combine his love of physicality with performance, Mathew experimented with dance, clowning and even professional wrestling before being accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, Australia, where he trained for three years in aerial rope and tumbling before receiving his Bachelor of Circus in 2006.  During his time at the school, Mathew was selected along with two other students to represent the school and Australia at the 2006 Wuhan International Festival of Acrobatic Art, where they won the bronze medal for a trio aerial act. After a number of performing jobs in Australia, Mathew moved to Japan in 2008, quickly forming a relationship, both personal and professional, with Alina.  At the completion of their contract in early 2009, Mathew moved to Ukraine for 3 months to live and train with Alina, studying solo straps, duo straps and duo tissue. Alina Looking for a physical challenge, Alina commenced her circus training at the age of 12 at a collective in her village of Sneznoe, Ukraine.  After generalised training, she quickly developed an affinity with aerial circus.  Initially specialising in trapeze, Alina also developed skills in tissue, hula hoops, handstands and limbo.  Quickly becoming proficient in her specialty, Alina received her first contract at 14, performing swinging trapeze in Iraq, including a special event for Saddam Hussein’s sons! Following this, Alina performed in venues in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, before settling in Poland, where she toured in various traditional circuses for 4 years, performing on swinging trapeze and her original “Limbo” act, as well as training and creating a new act on tissue. Moving to Japan in 2008 to perform solo and duo tissue, she met Mathew, developing a training and personal partnership that culminated in them both moving to Ukraine at the completion of their Japanese contract. Currently based in Ukraine, Alina and Mathew are committed to creating and performing high quality aerial circus, as well as growing professionally and personally together.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Adagio

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