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Mr. Jeff

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Originally from New Zealand, Mr Jeff is best known for his smooth performance style, stunning costumes and visually pleasing illusions. His main discipline is object manipulation, a master of Hats he will roll, tumble and juggle his way into your heart. Using sound effects cleverly incorporated with mime and physical theatre he brings ordinary objects to life before you eyes. Using his love of all things magical, he brings stunning visuals with crystal balls defying gravity and mini hoops using up to 9 to create shapes, animals and living mandalas.
Having originally learnt his trade in a traditional circus, Mr Jeff has honed his craft and gone on to travel the world, touring though Europe and America for 5 years touring doing street theatre, corporate events and large arts festivals. Some of his career highlights include, Glastonbury Big Top (UK) , Linz Pflasterspecktackle (Austria) and Pflaster Zauber (Germany).

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Jugglers, Specialty

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