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Mystic Divas

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MYSTIC DIVAS are three divinely talented and gorgeous girls with that special something! An incredible new show that takes you on a journey through the greatest “Divas of the Decades”.
MYSTIC DIVAS have a unique sound and style with unstoppable vocals to match. These three girls are fresh, exciting and have a new look and outfit for every decade! Slick and contemporary choreography compliments these three divas and makes the whole experience electrifying.
MYSTIC DIVAS perform an array of medleys and mega hits from well-known artists ranging from Madonna to Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga to Celine Dion, Katy Perry to Pertula Clarke and many more. New chart topping hits are performed with class, flare and sophistication, and the older favorites have been reignited and reborn.
Songs inspired from the smash hit movie Pitch Perfect and power ballads from the world’s biggest divas makes this show the next BIG THING in the Australian entertainment industry!
Experience the magic from every era and every decade.

Assigned Categories: Vocal, Female Vocalists

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