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Phoenix is one of Australia's most versatile performers with an outstanding performance history from consulting for blockbuster Hollywood movies & training A-list Hollywood celebrities in his craft, to headlining some of the world's largest cruise ships, as well as some of the world's only 6 star cruise line.

Phoenix is also often a guest on both Australian & international TV & radio chat shows, whether it be performing his mind bending mix of mind reading, influence, & hypnosis, or just to chat & discuss body language reading.

Not only a professional mentalist, Phoenix is an internationally recognized illusionist, & stage hypnotist, combining these arts to perform some of the most incredible stage shows in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2008 Phoenix performed a thrilling water tank on Australia's Got Talent, & received the only full standing ovation by both the audience & judges in that round. This act made "The best of episode" that aired internationally after he successfully baffled audiences globally with this escape. His work on the blockbuster movie XMEN Origins: Wolverine was so well received, that it made the official movie trailer for the film. Phoenix was not only appointed official consultant for magic & card sleights, but was the trainer to blockbuster Hollywood celebrity, Taylor Kitsch.

Phoenix's floorshows include:

"Psyche!" - Mentalist Show: Some of the world's most impressive mind reading, mixed with magic to create an unbelievable show- that even fits in a suitcase!

"Mind, Myth, & Magic" - Phoenix's second Mentalist & Magic show, with a hint of comedy.

"Breathe!" - One of the only LIVE shows with a twist near the end, right before the thrilling water tank escape finale.

"Mind Games" - Phoenix's 100& clean, 100% HILARIOUS comedy stage hypnosis show

A guest entertainer who performs thrilling escapes and incredible mind magic in one show, and a completely different style, comedy hypnosis show for the second show? Versatility & variety!

Psychology & human body language reading play a major role in these shows. Phoenix has previously studied and been examined on a micro expression reading program created by  Dr Paul Ekman, after whom the famous TV show Lie to Me is based upon, Phoenix received a 100% score rating.

With more & more TV & radio appearances, as well as large public events, Phoenix is becoming known as Australia's Celebrity Mentalist & Hypnotist. Unlike magicians or other mentalists, Phoenix's shows are exciting, and visual. They are a fusion of mentalism & creativity, the likes of which your audience will love.

- Hugh Jackman
“This guy is FREAKING AMAZING, you have to see this!”
- Taylor Kitsch (Battleship, John Carter, X-MEN Origins: Wolverine)
“I heard he was good, but that is ridiculous!”
- Steven Strait (10,000 BC movie)
“Flawless! Jesse, we need this guy in our shows!”
- Adam Pedretti, “Killing Heidi”
“You can’t have just done what you did..”
- Tom Williams “Getaway”
“Watched tonight’s show Phoenix Montgomery: FABULOUS!!!! Very gentle, mind boggling mentalist, who connects all the dots and carefully threads his line throughout the show from highlight to higher light to highest light. It is also a rare gift to see a show man on the stage who is asking for audience participation without making them look like a fool so he looks better himself. A rare gem of a show! If you have a chance to see him, go watch the show!”
- Captain Arjen Van Der Loo (Captain of Holland Amerca Ship, MV Oosterdam)
Phoenix, your show was amazing! Thank you, I cant believe what you can do. It was fascinating! I was speechless! So great to meet you too. We looked at some of your stuff on you tube this morning. It's so cool, love it! Everyone should check you out
- Lisa Healy
  Fantastic performance!!! A show everyone must see!! Truly mind blowing!! Seeing this show has changed the way I see magic & mind arts! Thank you Phoenix! smile Looking forward to the next show..
- Joan Commisso
Which cruise do I have to book to see your show again, it was INCREDIBLE!
- Ross Checkerly.

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