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Rafael Strings on Fire!

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Violin headliner RAFAEL is a musical tour de force playing everything from classical to pop, country and Irish.  Added to that he’s multi-lingual and can perform in English, Polish, Russian and German. He’s a dazzling talent and a high energy performer: His love for what he does makes him not just a well respected instrumentalist but also a superb entertainer.  He’s guest starred with all the top ranking orchestras, performed in concerts all over Europe from the Vatican to Warsaw and from Oslo to Cannes,  and made numerous appearances on Polish and Dutch TV and Radio. Rafael is an honors graduate of the Academy of Music in Lodz, Poland.  His show STRINGS OF FIRE is an exciting, show-stopping virtuosic performance!  You are in for a evening to remember……don’t miss musical star RAFAEL.

Assigned Categories: Instrumental, Violin Headliners

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