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Sam & Andy are a fresh, young powerhouse couple bursting with personality and spark. Consistently delivering mesmerising, unforgettable performances, they will charm you, entertain you, captivate you, inspire you, and simply make you fall in love with them.

Andy Walton’s engaging stage presence is something all should witness. Charismatic and witty, with an astonishing vocal range and guitar chops to match, his soaring falsetto makes the ladies swoon – much to Sam’s amusement!

With years of session and television experience, including fronting the house band on long-running TV show ‘The Footy Show’ in Sydney, Australia, Andy has also appeared in numerous ads and voiceovers for TV and radio. His debut solo album A Slight Embrace was recorded independently in 2008 at Free Energy Device, Sydney, alongside renowned producer Richard Belkner.

Sam Hetherington’s depth of musical knowledge is embodied in her warm, expressive vocal tone and her strength as a performer and pianist. With a passion for all genres of music, her skill and versatility are thrilling. She interprets every song with her own unique flavour, using stirring vocal nuances to capture the true essence of the music and lyrics as she sings. 

After completing her Bachelor of Music in 2008, Sam moved from Sydney to London (after some convincing from Andy!) and launched her music career. While there, she was mentored by one of the UK’s most highly regarded vocal coaches, Joshua Alamu (Little Mix, Fleur East, Joss Stone, Beverly Knight, The Voice UK, Pop Idol) and performed at numerous venues across the UK and Europe.

Sam & Andy were approached by Combined Services Entertainment (CSE) in 2010 and invited to entertain military personnel in Cyprus, Oman, Dubai, Jordan, Belize, Germany and Afghanistan. They soon became a favourite, and travelled the globe boosting morale and providing outstanding, memorable shows – from performing in FOBs on the frontline in Afghanistan, to entertaining thousands alongside first-class international comedians in full production shows in Camp Bastion, Kandahar and Kabul. Sam became a ‘forces sweetheart’ as audiences fell in love with her captivating stage presence and vocal ability, while Andy quickly developed a rapport with the soldiers, who would invariably be on their feet, arms around each other, singing their hearts out.

In 2014, Sam & Andy were both presented with Operational Service Medals by Her Majesty’s Armed Forces for their time spent entertaining the troops in Afghanistan.

Sam & Andy’s sensational headline show, full of chart-topping tunes and hilarious anecdotes, delivers unforgettable vocal performances with polished musical finesse. They tell the story of how they met, fell in love and travelled the world together playing music. With stunning vocal harmonies, tight musical arrangements and delightful humour, Sam & Andy will leave you feeling full of joy and shouting for more!

Assigned Categories: Vocal, Duos

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