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Soulé Flamenco

Artist Overview

Soulé Flamenco is an incredible innovative show.  There is nothing similar in the market in terms of quality and originality.

Soulé Flamenco is made up of four virtuoso artists who display a personal fashion of performing which makes them unique. The members of Soulé Flamenco have impeccable international trajectories in flamenco music.

Director Cristian Pérez is committed to profiting from the diverse music influences his fellow artists also have. This way, the resulting product caters for all types of audiences. it is extremely commercial and it is extremely high quality regarding its artistic level. It caters for all and it is commercial because through the language of flamenco  internationally well-known songs with influences from Soul, Jazz, Pop, Gospel and music of the world shine on stage. Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”, Alejandro Saz’s “Cuando Nadie me Ve”, Michael Jackson, are just but a few examples.

Soulé Flamenco is a show that will carry the spectator through moments of sheer sensitivity, euforia, joy…Members of the audience  will even be part of the show by stepping onto the stage to enjoy themselves and feel that, for a moment, they are also flamenco artists.

This show is unique in that it displays the power and essence of pure flamenco. It conveys the joy and sensitivity of popular songs and moves the spectators, shakes their feelings thanks to an ever changing staging which grabs the audience from beginning to end.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Cirque Variety - Speciality Acts

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