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Te Puawai Maori Folkloric Group

Artist Overview

The authentic Maori cultural folkloric Show begins with a traditional Maori welcome by the Maori performers. Packed with Maori love stories, the Maori Poi and the famous All Black Haka – ‘Kamate Kamate’. The warriors of teach a select combination of Māori weapons. Come join cultural show oh Kahurangi where the Maori people bring the stage alive.

At the port of call, provide a 'Full Authentic Cultural Folkloric Cultural Show' from the country of origin 35 - 40 Minutes with a full cast of 8,  made up of four beautiful professional females and four handsom warrior males. 

A Cultural Farewell performance by a group singing famous cultural love songs at the pier as the ship departs the Port. An amazing send off to the passengers as they a serenaded to by the a cultural performing group.

On Sea Programs 

(An example for New Zealand On The Sea Programs - These programs  can be provided for all other countries and Island of Oceania - Including Hawaii - Tahiti - Samoa - Tonga - Noumea - Fiji - Rarotonga - Vanuatu)

Cultural "On the Sea Programs/Workshops” presented by a small team of five persons including a Cultural Team Leader.

Cultural on sea Programs is an exciting series of hosted cultural interactive and participatory events for passengers during the cruise. These events are scheduled to provide passengers with an awareness and introduction of cultural history, protocols, language, songs and performing arts of the Maori people of New Zealand. Maori On Sea Programs teach passengers how to make their own Poi ball and how to use them during a cultural Maori action song. Passengers also learn how to make their own Maori headbands and get to keep them. The raw materials are provided for passengers to complete their Maori crafts.

Scheduled workshops teach passengers how to make these crafts and also teach them how to sing and perform with these items. Maori on On Sea Programs also teach the famous Haka ‘Ka Mate, Ka Mate’ made famous around the world by the New Zealand ‘All Blacks’ which the All Blacks perform before each rugby match in preparation to their rugby game. The cultural workshops prepare the passengers to participate in a stage show extravaganza as a production held in the main theatre with a 45 minute show.

In addition to the cultural workshops, a series of lectures provide a unique informed cultural perspective on an array of Maori themed topics as the cast of ‘Maori on location’ present a 40-minute PowerPoint presentation.

On Sea Lectures

An experienced professional Cultural Lecturer tells infamous stories as the ship circumnavigates the country or Islands and also lectures on local Mythes & Legends tied local land marks the ship visits.

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Specialty

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