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The Aussie Boys The New Sound of Australia

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THE AUSSIE BOYS are three handsome, brilliant young guys with an exciting new sound from the land down under! 100% Australian and completely TODAY in a way you will not expect.  THE AUSSIE BOYS captivate and entertain from their very first song as they expertly lead you thru THE AUSTRALIAN SONGBOOK.

Newer songs by Australian composers and artists sound like they were written especially for them….The old traditional Australian songs are suddenly fresh and thrilling.   With new exciting arrangements and rip-roaring choreography THE AUSSIE BOYS raise the temperature in the room, get their audiences totally involved and bring down the house with songs that instantly resonate.   What a totally winning combination!

THE AUSSIE BOYS have brought their impressive Aussie talents to concerts worldwide. They have enjoyed major success in Australia,  Asia, America and Europe creating loyal fans and Facebook friends from practically every place on the planet.    

THE AUSSIE BOYS have made their own unique and exciting MADE IN AUSTRALIA mark!  

"Hard to get an audience involved?  Not the Aussie Boys, the audience was completely involved, clapping and singing along with the impressively talented performers on stage.  Some new arrangements and an excitingly choreographed performance brings these important Australian songs back to the performance circuit. The focus of their shows are to perform Australian and well known favorites that audiences adore through their exciting new sound. These songs hold a special place in our hearts & instantly resonate with audiences. If the temperature of the crowd is anything to go by, these guys are onto a winning combination that holds strong importance to the Australian audiences.   ..…keep an eye on these guys."   - Melbourne Sun

“In 18 years of booking entertainment into South Sydney Juniors League Club,  I have never seen an audience so responsive, and animated. The AUSSIE BOYS had them from the opening number. They are delightful young men and MEGA talents.”  - Nigel Lampe - Venue Booker - June 2012.

THE AUSSIE BOYS have two different sensational shows.

THE AUSSIE BOYS IN CONCERT: Join these three young talented Australian performers as they take you for a song and dance trip thru The Land of OZ. 
THE AUSSIE BOYS TAKE ON THE WORLD!  A completely different show with International hits of today and the songs of yesterday.

Created by Barry Ball.  Musical Direction & Arrangements by Jordan Bennett. The Aussie Boys is a registered trade mark.
Management by Dominique Bennett, BARRY BALL ARTISTS.

Assigned Categories: Instrumental, Piano Headliners, Novelty, Specialty, Vocal, Male Vocalists, Groups

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