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The Moscow Four The Russian Sensation!

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The Moscow Four is a fast paced, fully staged and choreographed show featuring the current stars of the Russian Musical Theater and Television. Igor Portnoi: the lead in “Zorro”, “Beauty and the Beast” . A graduate of the State Academy for Theatrical Arts in Moscow, where he performed the leading roles in the numerous productions, including Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.  Igor is a laureate of the International Singing TV Competition “Yurmala”. In 1992 Igor left former Soviet Union and made his new home in Canada. His North American credits include performances for the World Tour of “The Phantom Of The Opera” and “Ragtime”, appearances on CBC and BBC. Since 2008 he has returned to Moscow, and is enjoying a flourishing television and theater career. Julia Vepreva: vocalist with Lara Fabian and soloist with the State Ensemble of Song and Dance: “Gjel”. Natalia Terekhova: the winner of “Triumph”: the most prestigious Russian award for Best Rock Singer in 2010, the winner of the Russian Show: “Secret of Success” and a finalist for the Russian Eurovision Song Contest entry. Andrey Birin: the lead in “The Witches of Eastwick”, “Mamma Mia”, Beauty and the Beast”, “Zorro”, “The Producers”, as well as a renowned Russian voice over artist featured in Disney’s “Lady and the Trump”, “Tangled” and “Gummi Bears”, and others. They present 2 different 45 minute shows full of energy, great music and some fabulous surprises!!

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