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Bravo Trio – Founded in 2011 by Marcin Mąkowski (violin), Grzegorz Kurczaba (viola) and Krzysztof Drozdowski (clarinet), three young and very talented professional musicians from Poland. The ensemble creates its own peculiar vision of music, combines classical tradition and modern spirit. Its mission is to entertain public with enjoyable and pleasant music. Performances contain multiplicity of genres, starting with classical pieces of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giaccomo Rossini, Pyotr Tschaykovsky, through Jazz standards of Dave Brubeck, Miles Davies, ending with Pop music of Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Sting, Elvis Presley. Combination of instruments in ensemble is colorful, but very rare, so that arrangement of each piece is prepared by members themselves. Bravo Trio performed in most of major cities in Poland as well as other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Leader of the group Marcin Mąkowski was born in 1991. He started learning violin at the age of twelve in the public music school of Tymbark. In the years from 2007 till 2010 he continued his further education at the music school in Gdansk in the class of professor Krystyna Jurecka. In 2015 graduated the Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdansk in the class of professor Krystyna Jurecka and professor Andrzej Kacprzak. Marcin is as well multiple laureate of international competitions as a solist and chamber musican e.g. Julius Zarebski International Competition in Lomianki 2004 - III prize, International Mozart Competiton in Elk 2007 - II prize, Charles Hennen Concours in Heerlen 2007 - IV prize, National Competition for Strings Instruments in Elblag 2009 - II prize, Artem Cameralem Promovere Chamber Music Competiton in Mielec 2016 - II prize in duo with Viktoria Koshuba. Marcin performs in Poland and other European countries. He is currently leader of the violin section of Elblag Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra Progress, Sinfonietta Consonus Orchestra. He cooperate currently also with Polish Chamber Orchestra of Sopot, Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdansk and more. Marcin was taking a part in many recording sessions (classical as well popular music): for cd's, singles, videoclips.

Clarinet player Krzysztof Drozdowski was born in 1991. Started musical education in 2002 at the age of eleven in public music school in Słupsk. In the years 2007 till 2010 he continued his further education at the music school in Gdansk in the clarinet class of professor Jacek Piastowski. In 2016 graduated Academy of Arts in Szczecin in the clarinet class of professor Boguslaw Jakubowski. Krzysztof was taking part in many competitions, festivals and masterclasses in Szczecin, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Katowice, Riga and Madrid. He was cooperating and learning from many outstanding clarinetists, like Guy Dangain, Florent Heau, Jean Marc Fessard, Antonio Saiote, Ricardo Morales, Jan Jakub Bokun. Krzysztof was working with many orchestras such as Sinfonietta Consonus, Szczecin Philharmonics, Baltic Neopolis Orchestra. In 2016 he did an internship in clarinet section of Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and Latvian National Opera in Riga.

Viola player Grzegorz Kurczaba was born 1990. He started musical education with violin at the age of seven in public music school in Lublin. In the years 2006 till 2009 continued his further education in high school for music in Lublin. In 2015 he graduated the Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdansk in the viola class of professor Maria Wiczyńska. He cooperated with major orchestras in Poland. He was taking part in many recording sessions with Sinfonietta Consonus and Chamber Orchestra Progress. In 2016 he took part in concert tour with Polish Baltic Philharmonic in many states of USA such as New York, California, Kansas. Currently works with Polish Baltic Philharmonic, Capella Toruniensis, Sinfonia Baltica. Grzegorz performs as a soloist and member of orchestra in many countries, organizing concerts in Germany, Norway, Austria and Florida in USA.

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