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A show-stopping performance! URBAN OPERA is the ultimate in class and fun for your event.
Featuring all the classics of the Operatic
Genre that leaves fans in tears, to ultra-modern “Operatified” pop pieces and
Musical Theatre, this group will take you on a journey through the dramatic, comic and soaring worlds of Opera and Popera and leaves the audience wanting more.

URBAN OPERA appeals to all ages, even those who don't normally enjoy Opera as their sound is fresh and modern and the artists ooze sexuality. From modern classics like The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables to hardcore Operatic numbers such as Carmen, The Barber of Seville and L La Boheme, Madame Butterfly just to name a few, URBAN OPERA is the perfect mix of Classic vs Modern Opera.
URBAN OPERA is set to take the world by storm with the international release of their debut EP “Brindisi” (available from all good online stores and their website) which will be followed up on tour at the end of 2014 through Queensland, NSW and Vic.

Founded in 2012, Urban Opera has a collective stage experience of over twenty years and is quickly becoming a household name, in the Sydney music scheme, performing at many festivals, private and corporate events and charity functions around the Sydney scene. Although still in its early stages, the group has set itself apart as a unique Poperatic group, by incorporating modern twists to well known Operatic and Poperatic pieces as well as giving an Operatic face-lift to well-known pop songs to produce the unique Urban Opera sound.

All four members bring their special qualities to the group that make Urban Opera what it is. The extraordinary and lyric and dramatic soprano voices of the talented Alejandra Blandino combined with the warm tonal qualities of the beautiful Anka Vukmanovic, create a superb blend that when the phenomenal sounds of Dramatic Tenor, Joseph Raso and Booming Bass-Baritone William Blandino come together they produce the distinctive sound that is Urban Opera!
Urban Opera is currently working on a covers and original album which will be released later this year ( Date TBA) and will be performing at many events, so keep an eye out for this incredible group as they rise in the music industry!

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