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Introducing...VOX CLEVER. 5 Stupidly Good Singers with a Very Clever Sound.
Vox Clever are a funky, fresh, 5 piece vocal harmony group from the UK. They are not only incredible singers, but amazing musicians too. Oh and they can move a bit!

Music is what they love. It doesn’t matter the genre, the theme or the age of a song. If it makes you feel something, it’s worth listening to…and singing at the top of your voice! You might have seen these men in London’s West End, or in some of the worlds most famous theatres and venues, or even on national television. You can now see Vox Clever, singing songs by Bruno Mars, Sia, Michael Jackson, Dua Lipa, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Marvin Gaye plus many more, all in mesmerising 5 part harmony. The music you love, but arranged and delivered in a very Clever way!

Vox Clever produce a varied programme of shows, within which you will find something for everyone. A hybrid group, transitioning perfectly and seamlessly from full band numbers to A Capella, with moments of genius in between, which showcase the musical ability of these men. Their debut show entitled ‘For The Love Of Music’ is filled with songs and artists you love, with that Vox Clever touch.

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