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WOYTEK Critically Acclaimed Clarinet Virtuoso

Artist Overview

Woytek is one of the most sought after clarinet virtuosi today. His vast repertoire includes music from every style, from the beauty of a Mozart Concerto to Glenn Miller, to a Broadway ballad and more.
He offers 2 full shows and is available from Europe and the US seasonally.

According to Yehudi Menuhin, what characterizes Mr Mrozek’s playing is “…an excellent technique, remarkable musical intelligence, warm sound, as well as spontaneity and emotionalism…”
( Yehudi Menuhin , Munich 10 March 1997 )

He commenced clarinet at age 15 and, from the age of 17, began live performance. He studied in the Warsaw Music Academy, after completion of which, continued learning in master classes in Munich Hochschule fur Musik. He was the winner of the prestigious International Clarinet Competition, in Poznan, and the First Prize at the Interacademic Clarinet Competition in Munich, Geramany. The German Federal Government, awarderd him a bursary for 2 years’ study, and the Yamaha Foundation for remarkably talented artists gave him a scholarship.

As conductor, soloist and composer, he has given concerts all over the world. In 2006 /07 he composed and recorded a Symphonic Mass in 15 Movements for John Paul II, commissioned by the Polish Government, to commemorate 1000 years of the Polish Catholic Church.

From 2003, he has been one of the highest rated musical entertainers onboard a number of cruise lines, showing that he also is versatile in the genres of swing and popular music.
He has recorded 27 CD’s, and 5 DVD’s

Assigned Categories: Instrumental, Other Instrumentalists

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