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Xiomara & Luis

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"XIOMARA and LIUS are the World renown SALSA and SAMBA Champions.  They both come from a famous SALSA dance Studio in CALI, COLOMBIA.  Their main credits include Titles of World Champions in Ensemble in 2011, World Salsa Champions in the Latin dance cup in Miami in 2013, Runners Up of World Salsa open in Puerto Rico in 2016 and World Champions in Cabaret category in 2014-2016.They have also traveled the world representing their school and SALSA culture in numerous International Dance Congresses teaching workshops, private classes as well as participating in shows and exhibition performances. Their main achievements include participation  in  WEASEL SALSA Congress in Córdoba, Argentina in 2013; Invitation  by the Secretary of Municipal Culture of Columbia to coach at INTERNATIONAL SALSA CONGRESS “The Party of the sun and the Moon Lime”  in Peru in 2014, Special guest appearance at WORLD SALSA CONGRESS in French Guyana in  2014 and showcase at SURISH SALSA Festival in SWITZERLAND in 2014 – 2016.
XIOMARA and LUIS are happy to  perform and teach difference styles of dance to their students, such as: SAMBA, MAMBO, SALSA, HIP HOP. TANGO. JAZZ and MODERN. XIOMARA sand LIUS are happy to teach their students and spread the joy and colorful nature of this beautiful dance around the World."

Assigned Categories: Novelty, Ballroom

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